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The Philly Faceoff League is open every week to face-off midfielders of all different ages and skill levels. With 3 coaches on staff EVERY night at our sessions, each coach specializes with a certain group of players.

Coach Kaplan specializes on developing our younger, less experienced players each week (typically grades 3-6), focusing on technique and making sure they learn a variety of moves/counters to gain more confidence at the position each time they come in.

Coach Dolente specializes on the older players (middle school or high school) who may be considered “late” to facing off. There’s always a team or two out there who scramble at the last minute to find someone to face-off for them. Every year we always get a few guys who a high school or club coach will send to see if they can pick it up in time to be able to contribute for them in the spring or summer. Coach Mike does an excellent job working 1 on 1 or in small groups during our PFL sessions to help our older, less experienced guys become more confident and ready to compete.

Coach Bodnar likes to work exclusively with our older, more experienced face-off guys every week . He likes to set the tone by pushing them to work harder to become physically and mentally tougher. He wants to create an atmosphere where guys hold themselves accountable and treat every face-off they take like they are playing in a real game.

Whichever level you’re currently on, come out and join us at one of our next PFL sessions and let us work with you to become the best possible player you can be!

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