Our Story

The Philadelphia Face-off League was created by two guys who share a love for the face-off position. John Bodnar and Mike Dolente are former Cabrini College players who specialize in working with face-off guys at various levels. John and Mike both share a frustration however when it comes to face-off midfielders getting the proper training they deserve. It was at Cabrini where they met when they would always talk about how face-off guys never really had a place to go and practice.
For the last 6 years, the PFL has been preparing face off players of all ages to excel at the next level – whatever that may be for the individual athlete. We are currently the only face off clinic in the area with three coaches working simultaneously each week, which allows us to support players at every stage of their development. We have players from grade 3 all the way up to the college level working every Sunday to get better. We’re proud that these efforts each season have solidified the Philadelphia area as the premiere hotbed for face-off specialists, and more importantly, we’re proud of the growth that each of our players has made, whether that is winning their first live faceoffs in a game situation, becoming a varsity starter, committing to play at the NCAA level, or anything in between. The Philly Face Off League is built on supporting players with specific instruction and instilling a fierce competitive mindset within them.

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