Fall Faceoff and Shooting Clinics

Are you looking to add some serious speed and accuracy to your shot on the run? Or are you looking to become a stronger faceoff guy and work on your technique?

Or do you just want extra practice in both???

This fall one of the area’s best shooting coaches Matt Mackrides  is teaming up with one of the best faceoff coaches John Bodnar of the Philly Faceoff League to give faceoff midfielders the ultimate 90 minutes of faceoff and shooting training every Wednesday night for 4 weeks starting September 27.

The class will be capped at 30 players. 45 minutes of intense shooting drills with Coach Mackrides, and 45 minutes of faceoff training with Coach Bodnar. All ages are welcome to register. Groups will be split by age and skill level.

Another option to this program is if you would like to just do 1 of the 2 options for 90 minutes. If you feel like shooting for 90 minutes with Coach Mackrides that day or working on faceoffs with Coach Bodnar for 90 minutes you are more than welcome to choose that option.

The clinics will always be on Wednesday nights from 5:30 to 7 PM at Main Line Sports Center in Berwyn, PA.

To Register for the Clinics please click here!

Schedule for Fall Faceoff and Shooting Clinics

1) Wednesday, September 27, 5:30-7 PM

2) Wednesday, October 4 , 5:30-7 PM

3) Wednesday, October 11, 5:30-7 PM

4) Wednesday, October 18, 5:30-7 PM

To register for the faceoff and shooting clinics please click here!


Any questions or concerns about the clinics please call John Bodnar at 201-213-7755 or e-mail at phillyfaceoff@yahoo.com

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